Nature is created perfect, its perfection is in its randomness!


Natural waterfall


Waterfalls are a great addition to any backyard landscape. Enjoy the soothing sounds of running water. Add water lilies and small fish to create your own backyard habitat. Children love exploring nature in an around waterfalls. Waterfalls are extremely low maintenance and attract a variety of wildlife.

Eco Ponds

Imagine stepping outside your home into your very own backyard oasis. Enjoy the soothing sights and sounds of running water and beautiful water plants and fish. Our koi ponds are self-sustaining and require very little maintenance thanks to our specialized biological filters. These water gardens provide the opportunity to have a variety of fish as pets. Pond plants give you the chance to broaden your gardening horizons with choices that go beyond the standard roses and jasmines.

Natural fountain

Water Fountains

Enjoy the soothing sound of water trickling from your water fountain. Fountain scapes can fit in small spaces yet they have a large effect in creating beautiful visual and audible effects near your patios, decks, and walkways. Available in a variety of options, you’re sure to find one that suits your unique style. Fountain rocks create rustic appeal, while urns provide a more elegant feel to your landscape.


I never thought aquatic plants in a water pond are so dynamic and engaging. Every morning, we are surprised by a new water lilly!
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Not only did we turn a dead corner in our garden into the most lively backyard space; we also upgraded the whole garden around our new pondless waterfall!
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This is the largest fish aquarium
I ever had!
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Dubai Client


What is so special about your water features?
We create natural looking ponds with an eco system to sustain aquatic plants, fish and other species such as birds and butterflies. No 2 ponds we create are the same. Our water gardens are artistically designed to be visible from the inside and outside of your property.
What do you mean by creating a natural eco system?
Our ponds utilize natures way of filtering water and maintaining a balanced ecosystem. There is harmony between the water, plants, animals and even the microbes in our bio-filters. Animals and bacteria produce nutrients as part of their waste products. These nutrients are used by plants and algae as a food source, allowing them to grow. As plant parts die, they provide food for microbes. If any one of these elements gets out of balance, nature has a way of rebalancing things.
Do these water features require regular maintenance?
Natural ponds require very little maintenance given the fact that the eco system within them balances itself naturally. All you have to do is remove the dead leaves that collect in your bio-filter nets every 2-4 weeks.
How long does it take for a water feature to be built?
Based on the type and size of the water feature, the full build can take between 1-2 weeks.
Whats the difference between a water garden and a normal backyard garden?
Compared to your normal backyard garden, water gardens are dynamic and living features that sustain a variety of species such as fish, turtles, and aquatic plants. Water is life and a water garden, whether it’s a fountain, waterfall or a fully planted pond, helps create a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere that attracts birds and tiny crawlers.