The name SORGIVA (spring in English) emphasizes the main feature of this patent through which the filtered water is fed under the finishing layer of the pool in order to flow out diffusely through the entire surface.

Our pools integrate perfectly with the new salts sterilization systems containing sodium, magnesium, oxygen...etc allowing you to enjoy a completely natural swimming pool with no chlorine or irritated skin and hair.

Enjoy a completely natural swimming pool

Ideal for relaxation and sunbathing immersed in water. Excellent for hosting whirlpool to accommodate whirlpool and aerotherapy. Safe becauseit creates a small terrace at 30-35cm deep, through which the entry into the pool is gradual.

Thanks to the free form and the sloping walls of the SORGIVA pools, you will have more space to swim and dive, all in total safety. Compared to a traditional swimming pool, thanks to its particular structure, is unparalleled!

Traditional system:

  • Visible inlet fittings;
  • No equal distribution of water all over the pool; stagnation of water on the coating;
  • Growth of algae and bacteria;
  • Difficult maintenance.

Sorgiva system:

  • No visible inlet fittings;
  • Eequal distribution of water all over the pool, including beaches
  • Optimal disinfection of the swimming pool;
  • Natural appearance of the entire reservoir;
  • Comfortable and optimal maintenance of the pool.