What Water Feature is Best for My Garden?

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Deciding on a water feature that best suits your garden may be a bit overwhelming given the different available options and designs that may come in mind. In this article, we will help you make a more confident decision to landscape your new water garden.

There are two main questions that will come to a home owners mind when building a water feature at their backyard garden. What type of water feature AND where is the best location for this water feature?

Selecting a water feature that best suits your backyard space:

Water features can be broken into 3 types.

A. Eco-Ponds

B. Waterfalls and running streams

C. Water fountains

Eco-Ponds as the name implies are water features that are dug deep enough to house all sorts of life such as fish, turtles, frogs as well as all types of aquatic plants such as water lilies.

Questions to ask when deciding on an eco-pond:

  1. Will I be adding aqatic animals such as koi fish, turtles, and/or reptiles?
  2. Do I want to add water lilies and water lotus which require deeper water levels (30 cm depth)?
  3. Do I have enough space in my garden to build an eco-pond? Generally starting at 2x1mtr
  4. Do I have kids or pets that may be at danger from getting close to an eco-pond?

Natural water falls and streams are natural water features that create a beautiful and dynamic visual effect. A soothing sound and ambience is created by the flow and fall of water down the natural rocks. You will be amazed at how well these water features fit in small spaces and create a large effect. These water features are great for kids and pets as they are safe and provide a natural water source for wild animals and insects.

Question to ask when deciding on a natural waterfall or water stream:

  1. Do I want to create a soothing water flow noise that keeps running 24/7?
  2. Do I want to create a water feature where my kids and pets can enjoy?
  3. Am I okay with not having gold fish?
  4. Am I okay with having marginal aquatics plants and shrubs only?

Water fountains are most suited for small spaces. The visual and audible effect of water trickling down a water fountain is one that will create a calming atmosphere. Water fountains are a nice source of natural water for pets and garden life. These are natural water features that require no maintenance whatsoever.

Questions to ask when deciding on a natural water fountain:

  1. Do I want to add a visual water effect beside my patio or front garden?
  2. Do I want to create a soothing noise beside my outdoor reading space?
  3. Do I want to create a natural water source for pets and garden life?

Note: The above options maybe combined together for a more beautiful effect (for example, a natural water stream may terminate with a waterfall where water flows down an eco-pond. Water from a spillway bowl may spill down the eco pond)

Finding the most suitable location for your water feature:

Water features can easily fit in small spaces. A water fountain can transform a dead space in your garden into the main garden attraction and the most desired sitting area.

Things to remember when deciding on a location:

  1. The water feature is to be installed near a commonly used space as a patio, a gazebo, or terrace. The water feature should be easily visible from these areas.
  2. It is recommended that the water feature is installed in a garden space that is visible from different rooms within the villa
  3. The water feature is installed in a space that will not obstruct movement to main spaces within the backyard
  4. The water feature is installed in a space that is relatively shaded and is not on top of existing villa services (e.g underground water lines and electric lines).


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