Water fountains

Add a natural and modern looking outdoor water fountain.

Create Beautiful Audible and Visual Ambiance with water trickling down a water fountain. Water fountains are Ideal for Small Backyards and will attract your neighborhood birds and butterflies. Our water fountains come in Different Sizes and Designs. Add Fire, Mix Different Designs, or add to a pondless waterfall : : : : : : : : The Options Are Endless!

Whats Included:

  • Fountain topper (e.g. Urn / Slate sphere / Stone & rock / Bowls / Walls)
  • Aquabasin
  • High Efficiency Pump with 3-year Limited Warranty
  • River Rocks and Gravel
  • Marginal Plants
  • Spot lighting

Aqualivin is a landscaping company of water fountains and waterfalls based in Dubai. We specialize in the construction of garden water features with a natural look and feel. Our water features require very little maintenance compared to swimming pools.