Pondless waterfalls

Add a natural looking waterfall that can fit in any small space within your garden.

If you have no space for a swimming pool in your backyard consider adding a pondless waterfall. As the name suggests, the water’s final destination is a pondless river rock area that is Safe for your Children and Pets. Enjoy the soothing Sound of Running Water and Attract a Variety of Wildlife to your Garden.

Whether its a small, medium, or large waterfall, We Customize the Waterfall to match your garden’s layout. Pondless waterfalls are Extremely Low Maintenance and are Very Energy Efficient.

Whats Included:

  • 3D model of your garden with the waterfall
  • Pond liner & underlayment
  • Hand picked natural rocks and river rocks
  • Pondless waterfall vault with pond pump and aquablox
  • Waterfall spillway
  • Aquatic plants
  • Underwater lighting
  • Optional – app controlled color changing lighting
  • Optional – Landscaping and plants around the waterfall
  • Optional – Outdoor furniture (e.g. bench)

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